The research consists in carrying out the instrumental and subjective impact assessment of cosmetics applied on our volunteers’ skin.

Prior to participating in any test, our application research specialist provides detailed information about the purpose and method of carrying out the research. What is more, the specialist performs the instrumental and non-invasive assessment of our volunteer’s skin condition.

The cosmetic efficacy assessment lasts from a few days to over a dozen weeks. During the research, bioinstrumental measurements of skin condition are performed and the volunteer subjectively assesses the usability and efficacy of our product.

The instrumental assessment of skin condition is carried out under controlled temperature and humidity. Skin parameters are evaluated using cutting-edge biomedical equipment of world-class manufacturers. We use it to measure:

  • hydration
  • lubrication
  • elasticity
  • smoothness, topography, depth and volume of wrinkles
  • transepidermal water loss
  • pigmentation
  • pH
  • echogenicity of individual skin layers
  • temperature distribution in different parts of the body
  • hair surface structure